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The Program continued

This paper is intended to complement the second paper which follows, entitled "The Flying Car Can Revolutionize Private Aviation." So, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the "nickel and dime" advantages and disadvantages of owning a TAW flying car. I'll just list a few below. Remember, the flying car is both an automobile with all of the simplicity, ease of operation and versatility of that 20th century creation, PLUS it is an airplane with an excellent cruising speed. There is no hangar or tie down rent - you drive the whole thing home and keep it on one side of a two-car garage avoiding outdoor weathering costs or hangar rent.

The Volante is:

  •  A second car.- The car can be driven daily from the garage without disturbing the flight section. (60 to 80 mpg)

  •  Transportation (for sure) at a destination. Not all airports have rental cars which are a pain in the neck anyway.

  •  A practical alternative to an instrument ticket- You can land and drive through the weather instead of trying to push through with all too frequent disastrous results. This turns out to be the most important advantage in the "Revolution" paper

  •   A vast time, reliability and convenience advantage over the scheduled airlines for mid length trips, particularly since 9/11

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